Motivation From Famous Words Of Wisdom

Everyone has seen those posters on the walls of offices and other workplaces featuring inspirational quotes designed to motivate staff to work harder. However, motivational quotes can be used for a lot of different purposes; we can be motivated to create something beautiful; motivated to be a better partner or friend; motivated to give our time or support to a good cause; and motivated to improve ourselves emotionally and intellectually.

When you think of motivational daily quotes, your immediate assumption is that they are for the workplace. But, it is time to think bigger. Thanks to the internet, inspiring and motivational quotes are only a few clicks of the mouse away — and you can even subscribe to special websites that will deliver quotes appropriate to your situation and your needs to your email inbox or smartphone every day.

Creative Motivation

Anyone who makes their living from creating art will know how difficult it is to stay motivated, and how frustrating it is when your inspiration seems to have vanished. For writers, it is called writer’s block, but anyone who has a creative business, or even just a hobby, will have experienced those moments when their creative juices seem to have dried up.

It is reassuring to know that artists throughout history have experienced these same issues; and that we in the 21st century can use their wisdom, in the form of daily quotes, to find fresh inspiration, and to start work on new and innovative artistic projects. Interestingly, some of the inspirational creative quotes aren’t from artists at all, but from philosophers, key figures from history, politicians and even sportsmen and women. Any motivational quotes make us think, and thinking helps to kick-start our stalled creative process.

Motivation to Be a Better Person

History is full of figures who have lived inspirational lives, and whose examples and word can inspire us to achieve great things during our own time on earth. Many people who are struggling with their relationships, their identity and even dealing with conditions like depression and anxiety find that daily quotes from individuals who have struggled and overcome similar difficulties can help them to find a new direction for their own lives.

These inspirational words may not just help you emotionally; they can also help to educate and improve your mind. History and even modern culture are full of intelligent and erudite people who have used their writings and their speeches to communicate new thoughts and ideas. Daily quotes can introduce some of these new ideas to you, sparking an interest in everything from ancient philosophy to modern poetry, and inspiring you to read more by your new favorite writers. A simple two-line quote can be enough to make you fall in love with an author you had previously never even heard of.

Workplace Motivation

Of course, there is nothing wrong with using daily quotes and inspirational words from famous figures to motivate you in the office. Work is an important part of all our lives, and we all want to succeed in our chosen employment to some extent -though some are more ambitious than others. Having motivational daily quotes delivered to your work email address every morning can be a great way to start the day, helping you to feel energized and inspired for the working day to come.

Motivational quotes for the workplace don’t necessarily have to come from successful business figures either. Sometimes quotes from philosophy, literature, science and even sport can have parallels in your working life and can motivate you in unexpected and unusual ways. When it comes to choosing what kind of quotes you want to receive, you should take care not to rule out certain categories of people from a misguided idea that their words have no relevance to your life. Spend a few weeks receiving quotes from Ancient Greek philosophers and Shakespearean plays, and you will soon understand the importance of their words to modern life.

Creative Quotes For Daily Inspiration

If you’re having a difficult day at the office, or are struggling with a lack of motivation while out of work or while trying to create something artistic, then you could always seek help from some famous names. You don’t have to contact these famous figures directly — indeed, many of the most inspirational people have been dead for centuries — but you can access their words of wisdom, thanks to the power of the internet.

There are now dozens of websites which offer you the chance to subscribe, often for free, and in return, you will receive daily quotes, designed to motivate you, inspire you, make you think, help you with a personal crisis or even just make you laugh.

Delivery of Daily Quotes

Once you have found a site that offers the kind of daily quotes you need — and there are lots of different choices available to subscribers, from bible quotes to ancient philosophy, inspirational quotes from sporting champions to funny one-liners from comics — it is simply a matter of signing up and making a few easy choices about how your daily quotes will be delivered.

There are usually two main choices for how you receive your daily quotes, and you can choose one or the other, or choose both to ensure that you never miss out on your specially chosen words of wisdom. Firstly, you can have your daily quotes delivered to your inbox, so that you can read them first thing in the morning when you get to the office. This could well be the time that most people need their moment of motivation.

Alternatively, you can choose to have the inspirational lines sent as a text message to your smartphone at a particular time of day. People who work unusual hours, or who are seeking motivation for a creative interest might find this more useful, as it ensures that they get their daily quotes just at the time they need them.

What Kind of Daily Quotes Do You Need?

Once you have decided how you want to receive your daily quotes, you need to make the important decision about what kind of quotes will be most useful for your needs. Some people like to receive quotes from successful businessmen and women, to inspire them in the workplace. Others might prefer more philosophical quotes, either from Ancient Greece and Rome or more modern writers, that can be applied to a lot of very different situations. Creative people might like quotes that inspire their emotions, sentimental or stirring quotes that can help them with the creation of their new works. Finally, others just want a humorous quote that will help them start the day with a smile.

These quotes come from lots of different people, who themselves come from different backgrounds, different places and even different times in history. You might receive daily quotes from Ancient Greece one day, only to be sent a quote from a modern actor or sports star the next. Great daily quotes can come from the world of entertainment, politics, religion and finance. Daily quotes websites allow you to select certain preferences for the kind of quotes you will receive — but there are bound to be some surprises during the year.

Boosting the Power of Daily Quotes

Many people like to use daily quotes as a calming influence; words to help them relax and unwind, and to stop taking life and work so seriously. There are some sites which specialize in these quotes, and they have also teamed their words with calming images to help boost their power and influence. Thanks to advancing technology, daily quotes of this kind sent to your email can even be accompanied by video clips or a piece of relaxing music to help get you in the right frame of mind to truly appreciate the wisdom in your daily quotes.

Whatever support or entertainment you are looking for, the words of those who have gone before can be a comfort and a help in all sorts of difficult and unexpected situations. Daily quotes give us direct access to this wisdom.

Be Inspired By Daily Quotes

Everyone needs a little inspiration and motivation from time to time. Whether you need to be motivated for work, or inspired to do something creative, you can always rely on the wisdom of those who have gone before — and one easy way to do this is to sign up to a daily quotes site on the internet.

There are hundreds of these sites, which aim to help all their subscribers have a constructive day, whatever they do for a living. These sites are usually free, and if you choose to sign up, your daily quote can be sent to your email address or smartphone every day at the time of your choice; although most people choose to get their daily quotes on a morning to inspire them for the day ahead.

Daily Quotes to Make You Think

If you think you would benefit from the motivational power of daily quotes, the first thing you need to do is find a site that suits your needs. After all, if you are an artist, looking for creative inspiration, daily quotes from leading businessmen won’t help very much; similarly, sporting quotes from players and coaches won’t motivate you if you hate sports.

There are so many sites offering daily quotes to your inbox or cell phone that there is bound to be one that suits your needs and your interests. Some sites even allow you to tailor the daily quotes you receive according to your needs and your interests. People getting their daily quotes sent to work might want to read motivational lines about success and great achievements, whereas others might prefer to receive humorous quotes, to start their day with a smile.

Choose Your Daily Quotes

As well as the kind of quotes you receive, subscribers to these websites can also express a preference to only receive inspirational lines from certain types of public figures; some people may find it interesting to only receive quotes from important women in history and culture; others might prefer to receive religious quotes, to help focus their minds for the day ahead.

If you aren’t religious, you might find quotes from the Ancient Roman and Greek philosophers more thought-provoking or you can choose to only receive light-hearted quotes on modern life and modern culture from movie directors and actors.

Quotable Figures from History

Some people from history are noted for being particularly quotable; these figures are often authors like Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain whose words have been recorded in print for the following generations to enjoy and to find inspirational and motivational. Many daily quotes sites allow subscribers to choose to receive quotes from just one person. So, whether you enjoy the folksy wisdom of Mark Twain or the cutting wit of Oscar Wilde, there will be a subscription for you.

Similarly, there are many historical figures whose speeches are frequently quoted and whose words are instantly recognizable to millions of people. Abraham Lincoln is one such figure, and those who appreciate his important role in history can sign up to receive Lincoln daily quotes every morning. For variety, you might prefer to sign up to receive presidential quotes from throughout history — though not all US Presidents were as eloquent as Mr. Lincoln.

Self-help Daily Quotes

Often, people sign up for daily quotes for a specific reason; they may have problems with self-confidence or be struggling with difficult conditions like anxiety and depression. These are issues which are common to many people throughout history, and there are thousands of quotes which can help those people who can struggle to make it through the day. Receiving these daily quotes in the morning can help to give you the boost you need to deal with your difficulties.

Daily quotes aren’t a miracle cure for anxiety, or for problems at work, but they can help to put things in perspective or even raise a smile. Sign up for daily quotes today, and see if you too can benefit from the wise and entertaining words of key figures from throughout history

Time Alone Is Key

Needing Time Alone

This is probably the largest problem that people have, the result of one or both individuals realizing that everything that they do is going to be with this other person. One of them may feel that they are obligated to spend all of their free time with their spouse, causing them to distance themselves. Others may have been used to spending time with friends, something that typically diminishes the moment that you get married. This has actually caused many people to get a divorce, simply because they were not able to communicate these problems and resolve these differences in an amicable way.

My Way Or The Highway

For people that are used to getting their way, or not having to discuss decisions with another person, and marriage is not the best place to be. A marriage is a union of two people, something that requires people to talk about decisions they are making, and if they are not able to realize this, they should probably have remained single.